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Our Mission

The Mission of Black Farmers Collaborative Inc. is to educate, equip and empower farmer families, and communities through partnership and efficient data driven systems to close the achievement gap and the racial wealth gap through governance of “conscious capitalism” and social enterprise. 

What Do We Do!
Our Action and Decisions Today Will Shape The Way We Will Be Living
In The Future.

Research & Writing

We research and write grant proposals to support the organization's programs with a focus on meeting the required non-federal share.



We facilitate grant-writing team meetings and prepare documents for final approval and submissions.

Eddie Cotton, 82, Hermanville, MS,  clears a field for a fall crop of hay, using a 40-yr-old tractor. He is among thousands of black farmers denied federal loans in past years. 
"They took away my ability to provide  for my family," he says of the discrimination.

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We regularly monitor governance documents and activities to ensure compliance with federal regulations and specific terms and conditions of multiple grant awards.


Reports & Presentation

We prepare reports and makes presentations as required.



We coordinated and manager special projects, including planning, implementation and follow-up activities.



We foster positive relationships with funders, key stakeholders, including the programs devised towards our service areas.



We develop and provide training, tools and resources for staff regarding grants administration, governance, compliance, and Black Farmers Collaborative, Inv. policies and procedures.



We assist with internal compliance reviews and monitoring of what governance processes and record keeping.


Other Duties

We perform other related duties as assigned

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Bealsville Family Farmers Community

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Help Us Focus On The Needs Of The Vulnerable

Black owned farms make up loess than 2% of all farms in the United States, according to a recent report. Black farmers lost 80% of their farmland from 1910-2007, often because they lacked access to loans, or insurance needs to sustain their business.