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About Us

We educate, equip and empower farmer families, and communities through partnership, sustainability and fresh produce.

Our Initiative


Black Farmers’ Collaborative, Inc. is an organization that is guided by inclusive ideas and these guiding principles create an imperative to serve that compels BFC to build organizational strengths (nonprofit and profit), to overcome weaknesses and create effective programs in response to inequity and historical disenfranchisement, human suffering and need.

The mission, values, vision and purposed policies guide the work of Black Farmers’ Collaborative, Inc. These guiding principles also shape the advocacy and promotion efforts of the organization, which focus on the needs of the vulnerable, overcoming barriers to service and positioning BFC to effectively respond, creatively, to opportunities.


Our Model

The Black Farmers’ Collaborative, Inc. cohort business model encompasses entrepreneurial Social Enterprises which are designed, deployed, and responds to a rapidly changing service landscape with an aggressive growth strategy.

That growth is predicated on methodical pursuit of entrepreneurial and conventional business opportunities and the maintenance of a new program “pipeline”.

Black Farmers’ Collaborative, Inc. provides value by developing and competently deploying efficient organizational structures; effective operating policies and procedures; accountable management systems and processes; and expertise in the form of personnel/consultants, strategic alliances or purchased services.

Our Forecast

We anticipate and predicated upon this a public private approach consisting of partners of substantial capacity, such as Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and their Brooksville Agricultural and Environmental (experimental) Research Station (BAERS), the University of South Florida (USF), Bealsville Family Farmers Community (a post Civil War 40 acre and a mule farm), launching programs throughout Florida, to include transitional housing and wrap around services for our service area and Target groups, all undergirded by workforce training and jobs creation.

Our Team
Reverend Jerry G. Nealy

Reverend Jerry G. Nealy

 Lester J. Henderson

Lester J. Henderson

Vice President
David Carmena

David Carmena

 Linda Wilcox

Linda Wilcox


Help Us Focus On The Needs Of The Vulnerable

Black owned farms make up loess than 2% of all farms in the United States, according to a recent report. Black farmers lost 80% of their farmland from 1910-2007, often because they lacked access to loans, or insurance needs to sustain their business.